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Cleans Dirty Machine Sump in Minutes

KTEC Sump sucks all the fluid (Coolant or Neat cutting oil along with the swarf from the machine sump entraps all the swarf and returns the cleaned fluid back to the tank. Swarf is collected in a 30 Kg Basket.

Machine can be used in online and offline mode can be used as primary filtration machine

Cleaning machine sump can be time, labor consuming activity with all the mess going on around creates untidy shop floor. Now introducing fast and reliable way to clean machine sump KTEC Electric operated Sump Sucker.

It is one of Independent Machine which used for filtration of Coolant & Oil. It is separate the solid particles from Coolant & Oil. KTEC Sump Sucker sucks all the impure fluid (Coolant or Neat oil) And Discharge the Pure Clean Fluid.

Technical specifications: :

  • 100, 200, 400 Liter Sump Size.
  • 30 kg Swarf (Chips) Basket.
  • 50 micron filter bag.
  • Flow rate: Inlet 100 LPM & Outlet 150 LPM.
  • System Power Requirement: Single Phase, 230 V AC, 16 Amp.

Application Areas:

  • CNC, VMC & Grinding Machine.
  • Water Contamination.
  • Quenching Oil.
  • Coolant Contamination.
  • Cutting Oil.


  • 100 L, 200 L, 400 L, 500 L Tank Capacity.


  • Fast and Reliable.
  • Easy to Maintain & Clean.
  • Equipped with 50 micron filter bag.
  • Low maintenance.

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If You Need Any Industrial Solution ... We Are Available For You



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