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Centrifugal Oil Filtration Machine


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Centrifugal Oil Filtration Machine for Industries

Fine Centrifuges clean oil by generating centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity. This force separates solid contaminant from the oil and keeps the oil clean. Centrifuges can effectively separate fine particles from oil however; conventional filters are not capable of doing this. The removal of particles by centrifugal force is based on their relative density therefore there is no restriction on contaminant size. Fine centrifuge has no consumable filter element hence low operating cost.


Applications :

Industrial fluids/oils, Cold forming, Wire drawing, Engine oil, Quenching, Forging, Honing, Reaming, Grinding Turbine oil, Compressor oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Oil, Water glycol, Cutting oils, Hydraulic oil, Neat cutting oil, Furnace oil, Test bed oils, Anti-rust, Stamping oil, Transformer oil, Pyrolysis oil etc.


  • Improved purity of the oil.
  • Extended oil life and exchange period,
  • Reduces engine/machinery wear.
  • Enhances long-term preventative maintenance.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Cuts waste oil disposal costs.
  • Reduces application downtime.
  • Maximized in-service time for vehicle/engines/machinery.

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