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Oil Skimmers

Tramp oil is major contaminant in industries which reduces fluid life. KTEC Oil Skimmer effectively removes floating tramp oil on surface of metal working fluid such as coolants, washing cleaners, degreasing chemicals and improves its life by 100%. Clean working fluids indirectly helps in maintaining required quality parameters of working fluids, reduce water consumption and its disposal costs.

Oil water separation is a headache for enterprises and troubles increases with inefficient conventional oil skimming methods. We at KTEC ensure you to provide high efficient oil skimmers for various industries.

You can select oil skimmers or contact our application engineers to know which model will suite your requirements.

Salient features of KTEC oil skimmers

  • Plug and play systems.
  • High efficiency skimmers
  • No consumable parts
  • Stand alone and portable systems
  • Rugged and reliable solution
  • Most inexpensive way of oil skimming
  • Reduces costs involved in fluid disposals.

Industries Served

Manufacuting, Food Industry, bearing manufacturing, oil and natural gas, Pharmaceutical, Steel Industry, Mining, Swiming Pools , Hydroelectric power plants, Automobile service stations, Refineries, powder coating and chrome plating degreasing tanks, washing machines. Pressure Die Casting and Gravity die casting industries.

Types of products

  • Ktec Machine Centers

  • Ktec ETP

  • Ktec Degreasing Tanks

Magnaclean Submicron Magnetic Filtration Units

Magnetic Filtration, in very simple terms, relies on the power of magnetic attraction to attract and capture ferrous particles from a fluid stream. It does this by placing a high intensity permanent magnetic rod in the fluid path, positioned such that all fluid must pass around the rod with sufficient contact and proximity to enable all the ferrous particles to be drawn to the magnet. This rod will continue to attract ferrous particles until it becomes saturated, at which point the process must be stopped and the magnet cleaned (either manually or, in a self-cleaning system, automatically). Magnetic Filtration can be used to remove 100% ferrous particles down to sub-micron levels from all industrial fluids where ferrous and Para-magnetic contamination of a liquid is a problem. The removal of these particles results in longer fluid life improves the surface finish of your products, increases component accuracy and reduces wear on your machinery and tool.

Magnetic filtration provides these advantages over traditional barrier filtration

  • No consumables used
  • Sub-micron filtration
  • Improved Surface Finish.
  • Better Product Accuracy
  • Longer lasting Fluids
  • Minimal Fluid loss
  • No disposal cost
  • Minimum running cost
  • Rapid return on investment
  • No back pressure

Applications Where to use Magnetic Filtration

  • Grinding, honing, lapping & milling operation
  • conventional & CNC machinery
  • Fine finishing operations
  • Gun drilling
  • Shaving operation
  • Wire & EDM processes
  • Laser cutting operations
  • Injection molding cooling & heating systems
  • Industrial part washing
  • Press brake lubricant
  • Transmission
  • Engines
  • Post drill head operations
  • Saw sharpening
  • Pump protection
  • Pre-filtration
  • Quenching operations

What is the difference between Magnetic and Media Filtration? Standard Barrier / Media Filtration

Conventional filters, are supplied to a set filtration level, if the media is 20 micron it will stop particulate greater than this size from passing. Smaller Particulate will pass through causing damage to your components, fluids and your machine. Finer Filters can be purchased, however finer the filter the quicker they block, need to be replaced and can affect the additives in the fluid.

Magnetic Filtration

Unlike conventional filters, MAGNACLEAN is not particle size sensitive; if the particle is ferrous, no matter how small (even sub micron) MAGNACLEAN will remove it!

This process will not strip the oil of additives but will help to subdue bacterial growth.

Types of products

  • Magnaclean 01

  • Magnaclean 03

  • Offline Magnaclean

  • Magnaclean Automatic